Why Hack Culture Needs a Good Plunging

Let me warn you in advance that this post is going to anger a good deal of people who read it.  To this I say: Good.  Let it fester in the same echo chamber you’ve been bathing with others in.  I have listened to, and saddled myself with scores of other people’s opinions for a long time now, so you’re going to have to excuse me while I insert mine into the mix, because these things should be said.

The egocentric views stemming from anxiety, narcissism and general horse shit disguising itself as intellectual discourse, is riddled with false pretenses and excreting itself all over the community.  Allow me to knock you off that very high perch for a moment, because sometimes it’s good to play in the mud.

Generations in the future won’t view your “hard work” as intricately, or brilliantly done as they do now.  In fact, they may find it to be the same regurgitated garbage we’ve been feeding each other for some time now.  In a world where technology has become prevalent in everyday life, people will attune to the zeitgeist being presented.  These false illustrations brought to you by your own ego and presented as genuine concern will eventually disappear.  This type of thing doesn’t happen overnight, but there is no question it has already begun to take hold to some degree.  That is the core nature of change throughout the course of history.  What we perceive as ‘magical’ today will be replaced with reason as we move forward.  I want people to REALLY think about this for a moment.   What you perceive as unique hard work, will be disproven, improved, or changed over time.

“A loud mind is greater than a loud mouth”

The jargon you create today will further divide and conquer you.  It is one thing to express an idea and another entirely to allow language to bloat itself to the aftermath of a Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re too busy occupying yourself with the opinions of others, you’re not busy enough occupying yourself with productive results.  I have seen way too many people bide their time and get hung up over exchanges and arguments that go nowhere.   If you disagree with someone, politely disagree. If you have a problem with someone, move on.  There is no need to vindictively create strawmen, red herrings, or false equivalencies to prove your point of view.  Yes, we all do this, but try to remember that garbage ends up in the dump.  Unless you’re recycling it into something new, feed it to the birds.  I promise you most people do not give a shit why Bob did X, or how Sally did Y ten years ago. It’s verbal cancer. Treat it as such.

Why do we need to massive amounts of cons yearly? What is the limit to this? While they’re a great place to meet others, share ideas and learn something, people creating all manners of exclusive events does nothing but tell others how unwelcoming a community is.  You are not doing anything special by attending or supporting “exclusive parties and events”.  What you ARE doing is secluding yourself from a good portion of people and only socializing with those who follow similar ideology.  Familiarity is easy, but differences show more complexity in exchanges.  It’s a lot harder to insert yourself into an unknown situation, where you are not the star.  Don’t believe me? Go talk to a biologist about their research instead of a security researcher for a change.  YOUR definition and perspective are not the only ones in existence.  There is a world of it out there.

Stop with the condescension and “you’re wrong” attitude.  Seriously, this is also cancer. The kind that stops both personal and communicative growth.  You can teach, show, or express something without insulting, demeaning or denigrating a person’s character.  Are there exceptions to this rule? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a positive influence instead of being a beacon of negativity.

Commonality and shared interest is what brought everyone together and it should be utilized to lift others up and bring growth. Focus on the positive in the community and what we can do for others. It’s OK not to have all of the answers, to disagree, to make mistakes and hate things a person has done. It’s not OK to turn that anger into a weapon of division and distress.